There’s something for everyone in the 2016 year book

Already the cover is impressive – with the Gotthard Massif alone, the year book represents a large part of Switzerland and the longest tunnel building story in the world. The book presents 49 original “facets of Switzerland”, beginning with the ever-popular – and exclusive to the year book – black print. In 2016 this is one of the two special stamps with the “Gottardo 2016” gutter dedicated to the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel.

The layout has also changed greatly. Large black and white background images showcase the miniature works of art depicted, while the different languages provide a kaleidoscope of colours.

Our journey through the 2016 stamp year takes us from the big ships of the Swiss merchant fleet to art history, then proceeds from people whose work has made history to fantastic heart-warming children’s stories and to animals who turn night into day. The journey then continues via traditional wrestling fought on sawdust to one of the five Swiss railway stations featured in the new definitive stamp series. Further stations en route include congratulations stamps, honouring major non-profit institutions, and acknowledging the achievements of people who have paved the way for a change in the way we think about our society. Finally, our tour through aspects of Switzerland is rounded off by the glitter and snow of our Christmas stamps. Once again, the sheer breadth is astounding. From hard rock formations to craggy veterans of the Swiss music scene, there’s something for everyone.

So with this record of our times, give yourself – and your loved ones – a little piece of Switzerland.