Lucky pig

Do you know someone who is celebrating a birthday, wedding, anniversary or exam results? Show them that you’re thinking of them by sending a lucky pig stamp on your greetings card. With its unique shape and soft paper, this special stamp will delight its recipients – and maybe even bring them some luck.

Why does the pig represent good luck in German-speaking regions, when it is seen as a dirty, impure and lazy animal in some other cultures? The most likely explanation can be found in a medieval custom: in traditional competitions, the worst-performing participant was not only ridiculed, but often also received a piglet as a consolation prize. This was a stroke of luck, however, as pigs were very valuable in those days: they did not need expensive fodder, produced lots of offspring and were quickly ready for slaughter, helping to feed hungry mouths during the winter.

Janine Wiget, the designer of the stamp, believes that the lucky pig is still striking even in a small format, thanks to its pared-down, simple design and vibrant colours. It is content with itself and the world and exudes joy and happiness. The special production method also contributes to the this effect: the stamp was printed on special flocked paper that feels soft to the touch.

Jürg Freudiger