Martin Mägli, Herbligen

A Christmassy vote

What should the 2018 Christmas stamps look like? In a survey in November 2017, Swiss Post asked its customers which motifs they would like to see on this year’s stamps. Three chosen designers were given a brief based on the results.

The resulting drafts were put before the public in an online vote, and the winning design was a photograph. Its author Martin Mägli later provided three additional motifs, all of which depict buildings in a winter wonderland, photographed in the “blue hour”, shortly before nightfall.

0.85 – Bottmingen Water Castle
The castle in Bottmingen in the Canton of Basel-Land, built in the 13th century, is now used as a restaurant and venue for banquets, weddings and other celebratory events.

1.00 – Kandersteg Church
Located at the bottom of the Kander ­Valley, Kandersteg is the starting point for the Lötschberg car train on the Berne side. This Catholic church was consecrated in 1927.

1.50 – Bedretto Village
The picturesque municipality at the foot of the Nufenen pass in Ticino was added to the list of local landscapes of national importance by the Swiss Federal Office of Culture.

2.00 – Saint-Ursanne Bridge
The small town of Saint-Ursanne can be found in the Pruntrut district in the north-west tip of Switzerland. The stone bridge with four arches over the Doubs river was built in 1728.

Jürg Freudiger