Happy, carefree children

When the Pro Juventute foundation was established in 1912, its original aim was to combat tuberculosis among children and young people. Nowadays, Pro Juventute’s programmes and services have three quite different objectives. They help promote an identity, community and opportunities for children and young people.

Pro Juventute provides a range of programmes and services to support children and young people, as well as the people close to them. In addition to offering a helpline, the 147 emergency number, and advice for parents and youth leaders, it organizes supervised holiday programmes and has its own hotel, Chesa Spuondas. Not forgetting letters for parents, programmes and services for education about responsible use of money and the media, and its work to prevent unemployment among young people.

Whereas the emphasis was on illustrations in the period from 2014 to 2017, Swiss Post has opted for photographs taken by Mark Baumgartner for the latest set of stamps. The theme, developed in association with Pro Juventute, is “Happy childhood”. Children are shown in typical situations which reflect this happiness. The first two stamp motifs, “Toy bricks” and “Blowing bubbles”, are being issued this year. The set will be completed with two further motifs in 2019.

Jürg Freudiger