Sylvia Geel, St. Gallen

Spotlight on federalism

The 26 Swiss cantonal coats of arms provided the basis for one of Switzerland's most fundamental concepts – federalism.

The ch Foundation for federal cooperation was founded in 1967 as a foundation under private law and is sponsored by all 26 Swiss cantons. It is committed to the concept of federalism. As a well-connected institution, it also promotes bridge-building between the cantons and different linguistic communities of Switzerland, and provides services for the cantons.The design of the special stamp marking the 50th anniversary of the ch Foundation had a specific mission to fulfil – to represent unity in diversity in a contemporary way. St. Gallen illustrator Sylvia Geel created an illustration using the colours and shapes of all 26 Swiss cantonal coats of arms. She broke down the design of the individual coats of arms to create one overall composition that visualizes diversity in unity.

Jürg Freudiger