Bernadette Baltis, Uerikon/Stäfa

A magnificent panorama

Churfirsten is a mountain range of incredibly jagged peaks that rise up majestically to 2,306 metres above sea level over Lake Walen at 419 metres. The ridges to the north descend more gently towards Toggenburg.

The Flumserberg mountains offer a particularly impressive view of the Churfirsten range. Indeed, it was this perspective that designer Bernadette Baltis chose for the special stamps 

The seven most famous peaks form a continuous panorama, split across four stamps. The vignette with the names of the individual mountain peaks is unique to the sheet. The mountain heights are also listed on the lower sheet margin.

Bernadette Baltis is an experienced stamp designer and created a panorama of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau ten years ago. In her latest work, the impressive mountain peaks and the picture as a whole create a 3D effect. The striking horizontal geological strata can also be seen extremely clearly. This effect is created by the designer's special working methods. The design is based on more than a dozen photographs. These were combined to form a collage and painstakingly reworked by hand using coloured pencils. The designer left out insignificant elements and highlighted key details – the result is ultimately a drawing!

Jürg Freudiger

The panorama extends across the entire sheet.


Many people have speculated about the unique name of this mountain range. Was it originally a mocking term which in German is a play on words: cow (Kuh) and elector prince (Kurfürst)? Or does it refer to a historical boundary of the bishopric of Chur? Or does the name have something to do with the seven electors of the Holy Roman Empire who were responsible for electing the King? There are arguments for and against in each case.