Added value for everyone

Swiss Post's cultural and social commitments rely on strong networking. Swiss Post not only sees itself as a sponsor, but also seeks to create genuine added value for the projects it supports.
In doing so, both the partners and society as a whole benefit.

Combining utility and support

By issuing special stamps with surcharge, Swiss Post is making an important contribution to raising funds for well-established foundations and projects with a cultural or social background, and in doing so conveys their message to the public at large.

A recent example of this is the stamp with surcharge which benefits the victims of compulsory social measures and forced fostering. The story of these victims is now being addressed and examined at the political and economic level. By issuing a special stamp with surcharge, Swiss Post is making an important contribution to raising awareness of this issue and encouraging discussion. All additional income from these special stamps will be channelled into the emergency aid fund for those affected. 

This issue of Focus on stamps features the Pro Patria stamps as well as the special stamp with surcharge for the Pro Senectute Foundation.

Little things can have a big impact – the Swiss Post postage stamp fund

A certain amount of money from the sales of stamps with surcharge goes to the postage stamp fund to promote and support organizations and institutions with cultural and/or social objectives. Even seemingly small amounts can have a big impact.

Circus Wunderplunder is a great example of this. It brings the wonder of the circus to life for everyone. Here, anyone can become an artist. Circus Wunderplunder doesn't have a fixed circus programme. Every week is unique. There is no pressure to perform and no insistence on early artistic development. The focus here is on people – of any age – and their desire to have their day as a circus performer.

But what's a circus without a big top? Thanks to the generous support of the postage stamp fund for cultural and social commitment, Wunderplunder was able to purchase a desperately needed new circus tent and thus ensure the continuation of more than 30 years of Circus Wunderplunder history. The postage stamp fund is currently supporting the following organizations and projects:

  • Continuation of the humanrights.ch information platform
  • Robinson children's circus
  • Limita – Fachstelle zur Prävention sexueller Ausbeutung für geistig behinderte Jugendliche (Centre for the prevention of sexual exploitation of mentally handicapped young people)
  • Swiss Music Archives – collection and research of Swiss pop culture

Kurt Strässle

Further information on the postage stamp fund  can be found here.