Raphael Schenker, Zurich

A collector's piece

"Tübli letters" was the name given by collectors to the first covers of the federal postal system pre-franked with a printed stamp. Post. They came out in 1867, after the Geneva Post Office had begun issuing pre-franked products.

The official issue date of the "Tübli letters" was 1 July 1867. Prior to that, though, covers were sold to customers ‒ and also cancelled ‒ at a number of post offices.

The miniature sheet shows the "Zweisimmen first day cover" in the background, one of the few remaining pieces from the official first day. It displays all four values of the first issue in a fan arrangement.

The stamp itself focuses on the 10-centime value of the Zweisimmen letter cancelled on the issue date. A detail of the address written with a quill sends the observer on a journey back in time to the 19th century. The optical quality of the yellowed paper was deliberately chosen as a stylistic medium. The nostalgic aura is subtly enhanced with modern typography. The gold font lends the special stamp the unique characteristic worthy of a 150th anniversary.

Jürg Freudiger

GABRA VI "150 years of Tübli letters" During the GABRA VI exhibition of postal documents and stationeries, a special post office will be open in the Burgdorf Market Hall: Friday, 29 September (10 am – 7 pm) and Saturday, 30 September (10 am – 6 pm).