Mansing Tang, Wabern

Exclusive and then some

After the official presentation of the Unspunnen special stamp, everyone impatiently awaits the actual celebrations – a limited first day cover is beckoning after all.

The presentation ceremony for the special stamp took place in Bern's Welle 7 urban centre on 11 May 2017. CEO Susanne Ruoff presented it to Organizing Committee President Ueli Bettler and demonstrated the scan function using the Swiss Post app. Guests enjoyed the Unspunnen film show, which put them in the mood for the upcoming festival from 26 August to 3 September 2017.

It goes without saying that a special post office will be set up on site. Mansing Tang, the designer of the special stamp, will be signing autographs at the festival on Saturday, 2 September (further details will be published in the August 2017 newsletter).

Collectors can look forward to an exclusive highlight in the form of a numbered first day cover to be produced and sold in a limited edition (1500).

Jürg Freudiger