Barbara Seiler, Glis


For 75 years, Swiss Mountain Aid has been promoting an economic, natural and social environment for Switzerland’s mountain communities. The special stamp to mark its anniversary symbolizes solidarity and bridge-building between cities and mountain regions.

Swiss mountain residents should also be able to find their future in their homeland – that is what Swiss Mountain Aid strives to achieve. The politically and denominationally neutral organization was founded in 1943 and is financed exclusively by donations.

Mountain populations should be able to live in a secure, economic, natural and social environment. Behind this thinking is the conviction that only lively mountain regions can represent a living space and cultural homeland while at the same time offering natural experiences and relaxation. For this reason, Swiss Mountain Aid supports a wide range of projects and initiatives and, in doing so, is effective in helping people to help themselves. In emergencies, the organization also provides 
quick and “unbureaucratic” help. 

The illustration of the commemorative stamp symbolizes solidarity between cities and mountain regions; as such, it represents bridge-building and the path to committed cooperation.

Jürg Freudiger