An unlikely pair

The universally familiar, much-admired king of the skies and an inconspicuous, little-known sandpiper – this is the unlikely pair of birds adorning Swiss Post’s new EUROPA stamps.

The birds featured on this year’s Swiss EUROPA stamps could hardly be more different. On one hand, the undisputed star of domestic birds, the Golden Eagle with its wingspan of over two metres and on the other a less well-known migrant, the Sanderling.

Its home is the Arctic tundra, but it can be spotted at Swiss lakes between April and June on its way to warmer climes. More information on this unlikely pair can be found at vogelwarte.ch/golden-eagle and vogelwarte.ch/sanderling. The (temporary) distribution areas of the two birds are printed in a metallic colour on the stamps. Anyone who would like to listen to the birds’ twitters can use the CEE App to scan the EUROPA stamps available in various participating countries this year.

“EUROPA Stamps” is the collective term for jointly themed stamps that have been issued by the postal administrations of a number of European countries since 1956. This year, Switzerland is entering its “Golden eagle” stamp in PostEurop’s competition to find the EUROPA stamp with the best design.

Jürg Freudiger

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The PostEurop competition will be carried out via online voting. Take part and cast your vote for the most beautiful EUROPA stamp 2019 at posteurop.org/europa2019 from 9 May to 9 September 2019.