Qui si parla italiano

The Pro Grigioni Italiano (Pgi) association, which was established in Chur in 1918, is committed to promoting the values and culture of the Italian-speaking population in the Canton of Graubünden. 
A postal card is being issued to mark its 100th anniversary.

Four valleys, 15 municipalities, 53 villages: around 24,000 people in the Canton of Graubünden speak Italian. Around half of them live in the valleys of Puschlav, Bergell, Misox and Calancatal, sometimes long distances apart. They often refer to themselves as the “Minority of the minority”. Graubünden is the only Swiss canton where three languages are spoken. As a result of this, and due to its outline, which is reminiscent of Switzerland as a whole, it is also known as “Little Switzerland”.

The activities and campaigns carried out by the Pgi are based on a service agreement with the Canton of Graubünden. The association promotes the preservation, awareness and acceptance of the Italian-language area and encourages solidarity among the Italian-speaking population in the canton. Its activities include cultural events, publications and advisory services.
The front of the postal card designed in the colours of the Pgi represents the Canton of Graubünden; the regions where 
Italian is spoken are shown in colour. The 53 
melodious names of the villages are listed in the background.

Jürg Freudiger