Once upon a time

The pair of “fairy tale” motifs on two sheetlets illustrate a subject which will enchant children and adults alike. The stamps, and above all the sheet, are covered in countless well-known figures, 
reminding many an adult of their own childhood.

A host of figures, such as the Valiant Little Tailor, Cinderella, the Ugly Duckling and Little Longnose, are depicted together in a scene rich in detail. When placed side by side, the two sheetlets create an enchanted fairytale world. 
In the “Forest” motif, characters including the Frog King, the Town Musicians of Bremen 
and the witch from Hansel and Gretel are grouped around a fairy, who is telling a story. 
On the “Meadow” stamp, Puss in Boots can be seen playing music in the foreground, while the wolf and the kids, Mother Hulda and Rapunzel frolic in 
the background. Many other familiar faces can also be spotted on both sheets. 
Viviane Dommann was born in Lucerne, but now lives in Meilen (Canton of Zurich), where she works as a freelance illustrator. She has deliberately brought together characters who had never come across one another in their separate fairytale worlds. With great attention to detail, she has created her own universe which reveals more and more secrets to the viewer with every glance.

Jürg Freudiger

Viviane Dommann, who was born in Lucerne on Friday 13 December 1963, works as a freelance illustrator in the Canton of Zurich. After training to become a teacher, she gave drawing and handicraft lessons for several years. Her designs have been used to illustrate picture books, apps, book and CD covers, stamps and cards for a variety of events. Her originals, mostly watercolours, pencil and ink drawings, are on show at several exhibitions.
The unique images in her own particular style tell entire stories through their diversity. If you inspect the minutely detailed illustrations at leisure, you 
will discover something new, unexpected, personal or funny each time you look at them.