Getting the message across

Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, deaths and other special events are opportunities to write personal letters and cards. That’s something that hasn’t changed, even in the WhatsApp era. Now there’s even a special stamp for these occasions.

It would of course be impossible to cover every individual event, but Berne-based illustrator Claudine Etter has succeeded in creating four new stamp motifs suitable for use on a large number of occasions. She was inspired by the renewed popularity enjoyed by handwritten messages on account of their touch and feel.

The motifs have been designed using bold but peaceful images which are full of emotion, 
to ensure that their function can quickly be recognized. Two motifs represent happiness, making them ideal for sending congratulations or best wishes. The other two are more neutral. One depicts a small bird, the classic bearer of good tidings, while the other is more suited to a muted or even sad message, without dampening the prevailing positive mood of the set.

The special stamps ingeniously allude to the subject of letter mail thanks to their shared visual themes of paper, card and the written word − yet the actual messages are noticed only upon closer inspection. 
The sheet features an unusual innovation in the form of free stickers designed in the same style. They allow the sender to decorate their mail and surprise the recipient. 

Jürg Freudiger