Christian Kitzmüller, Bülach

Awakening memories

Another pair of motifs rounds out the Pro Juventute "At school” series, started in 2016. The nostalgically styled illustrations are intended to evoke memories of one's own schooldays.

Pro Juventute stamps with a surcharge have existed since 1914. They have been popular collector’s items for many years. The surcharge is used to support child and youth projects run by Pro Juventute, such as their 147 helpline for children and adolescents for example.

The "At school" series was launched with two motifs featuring "breaktime" and "lessons". Two new stamps are the continuation and conclusion of the series. The B Mail motif depicts a class with their teacher in a geography lesson – an important subject in an era of globalization. The A Mail stamp shows a class singing Christmas carols to represent the socializing aspect of school.

The nostalgic style of illustration, reminiscent of the eighties, was retained. It conjures up an intact world. Not that everything was better back then, but memories of one’s own schooldays tend to soften difficult moments and focus on the carefree times. The stamps were designed by Bülach-based illustrator Christian Kitzmüller, the winner of the 2016 Pro Juventute design competition.

Jürg Freudiger