Pierre-Abraham Rochat, Lausanne

50 years Ballenberg

Historic buildings from all parts of Switzerland are the main attractions at the Ballenberg Open-Air Museum, which opened in 1978. Small buildings, splendid farmhouses, objects and tools from the past can be found at the 660,000 m2 site. The oldest building dates from 1336.

The museum attracts over 200,000 visitors from all over the world each year. To mark the 50th anniversary of the foundation that runs the museum, four special stamps featuring buildings from the four regions of Switzerland are being issued. They are the result of a competition in which one designer from each of the four regions was invited to take part. The buildings on the special stamps and over 100 other buildings, as well as their histories and related handicrafts, can be explored at Ballenberg.

Waschhaus, Rüschlikon ZH, 1750–1800

The elegant half-timbered building has been converted several times during its life. Around 1900, one of its purposes was as a washhouse.


Heustall, Vals GR, ca. 1780

The remarkable aspect of this hay barn from the hamlet of Camp near Vals is the enormous size of the corner pillars.


Wohnhäuser, Cugnasco TI, ca. 1740/1770/1860

A typical feature of houses in Sopraceneri is the lack of a living room. People spent most of their time in the kitchen.


Bauernhaus mit Taubenhaus, Lancy GE, 1762/1796/1820

The building, which has been extended several times, was given a pigeon loft in 1796 – to widen the menu.

Jürg Freudiger